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Steeple Court Manor

The Bossard Quartet played for a lovely ceremony at Pear Tree Church and then moved on to Steeple Court Manor for the drinks reception.


We were delighted to play at Pear Tree Church and Steeple Court Manor this weekend, for the wedding of Pete & Laura. Pete had booked us way back in 2010, when 2012 seemed an age away, so it was lovely that the day had finally come around and the sun was shining. What wonderful weather for your wedding day!

We kicked off proceedings by playing during the ceremony at Pear Tree Church in Woolston (which, I am reliably informed, is the Oldest Anglican church anywhere in the world being the first church built (1618) and consecrated (1620) after the Reformation. Good fact)

The Oldest Anglican Church in the world

It was actually a lovely spacious church and we had plenty of space to set up (in stark contrast to the week previously where we squeezed ourselves in to a tiny church around the pews). We played Pachelbel’s Canon for the bridal entrance, and then during the signing of the register we played Des’ree Kissing You and Eva Cassidy’s Songbird. For the final walking out of the couple we played ‘We Go Together’ from Grease, arranged by Amy.

We also enjoyed a little chat with the organist who gave us his card at the end (Shout Out to Anthony Burns Cox)

We then drove quickly (but safely) via the power of mobile phone navigation to Steeple Court Manor. This is a venue we’d not heard of before, and it’s down a lovely little tree-lined lane and is rather hidden away. It’s a lovely old house with a garden, and we set ourselves up underneath the tree in the corner of the garden to await the guests.

Quote of the day? “Count Like a B1tch in Lady Gaga!” ~Anna

Second Quote of the day? “Does anyone else think Orange Squash reminds them of Sunday School?” ~Sophie

We then entertained throughout the wedding drinks while guests enjoyed Pimms and Champers. To the little girl who took one of our clothes pegs (for keeping our music from blowing away!) and then thought she’d broken it, don’t worry! 🙂

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