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String Quartet in West Meon

We had a lovely time at the wedding of Charlotte and Dug in West Meon on Saturday. It was great to be the string quartet in West Meon for a day. The couple had picked us to play at their drinks reception. The reception was being held in a lovely house and garden, with fantastic views across the meadow. The meadow had three lovely airplanes next to a hanger, where a tent was set up for the evening meal.

Charlotte and Dug arrived in style in an aeroplane and their guests enjoyed drinks and canapes in the garden. It was totally gorgeous!

Before the guests arrived, we took the opportunity to take some photographs in the meadow beforehand. It was good fun. It was a rather hot day, and the rest of the UK was watching the England vs Sweden game, but we would much rather be in such beautiful surroundings. We performed a variety of classical requests as the bride and groom had asked for. At one point a guest joked with us whether we played any ‘rock and roll’. If only they knew! 🙂

We had a great time and many congratulations Charlotte and Dug!

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