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Timsbury Manor

On Saturday, Amy, Anna, Ruth & Nigel ventured to a Hampshire wedding venue none of us had been to before. Timsbury Manor is a wedding venue situated in the heart of the Test Valley.


Timsbury Manor lies in parkland which is available for weddings, and there were two marquees set up ready for this couple. Naomi had booked us last year, and had asked us for a special musical request. A piece of music called Sausalito held a special place in her heart, and she asked us to arrange it for her for her walk down the aisle. We were only too happy to oblige!

We arrived at the venue and set up in the ceremony tent. The weather was a real part of this day, as it was on, and off, and on, and then off again. We couldn’t believe how quickly the rain came, and then how quickly it stopped and was glorious sunshine within moments.

A Timsbury Manor Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was officiated by the Groom’s Auntie, shipped in from Australia for the honour. The couple had written their own vows, which they read out to one another. The vows had a lovely balance of humour and affection. They then ‘tied the knot’ quite literally with two pieces of rope that represented their two passions, sailing and horse riding.

After the ceremony, the couple signed their vow documents (it was not an official ceremony, that had taken place a couple of days earlier) and we played Schubert’s Ave Maria and Bach’s Air in G.

For the exit of the bride and groom we played Beatles’ All You Need Is Love.

The Drinks Reception

The heavens then opened and many of the guests remained in the ceremony marquee rather than risk the dash to the reception drinks marquee. We waited a while for the rain to subside and then made a dash ourselves to the main marquee and set up on the dance floor.

We played a huge selection of popular tunes for the crowd before they started their gorgeous smelling buffet reception meal.

Thank you for booking us and many congratulations for a lovely day!

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