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Warbrook House

On Saturday we played at the wedding of Chloe and Jamie at Warbrook House. We hadn’t played at this venue before,  so it is always exciting for us to venture to somewhere new and unknown. When we arrived, we quickly set up in the ceremony room ready for our guests to arrive. We then went off in search for the coffee machine which vended free tea and coffee. We were particularly impressed with the range of syrup additions to our coffee. 🙂

Unusually, we had done all the liaising with the bridesmaid, Danielle, for this booking, and had no dealings with the bride and groom beforehand at all. We played a variety of chilled out pop tunes while the guests were waiting for the ceremony to begin. The bride entered to Bach’s Air in G, and we played Pachelbel’s Canon during the signing of the register, and then Mendlessohn’s Wedding March for the exit of the guests.

After the ceremony as the bride & groom had exited, there was an amusing moment where the rest of congregation were guided out of a different exit to that which the bridal party had just left. We found ourselves surrounded by all of the guests as they waited to get out of a door at the back. It surprised us to have everyone standing around us, but we were pleased that they’d be able to hear and see us ok!

Warbook House is a De Vere Venue that is situated on the Hampshire / Berkshire border. It has 130 acres of woodland and parkland and is a former Georgian Manor. Oh, and did we mention the coffee machine?!

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